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Starting School

Please contact the School Office (01633 880021), if you would like to visit the school. We welcome visits from all parents/carers of prospective pupils and are happy to give you a guided tour.

Parents can request a preference for a school or nursery in Monmouthshire when applying for  a place with the County Council and places are allocated to take this into account as well as comply with the Local Authority Admissions Policy.

Parents applying for a place in year will receive an offer about two weeks after their request and then have four weeks to take up the place and arrange a start date with the school.

For all pupils new to Undy Primary School please complete our admission pack and return to the school office.

Your child will need a school uniform before starting school. This can be purchased online and details are on the main parent page, under the "uniform" section.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a warm welcome from all the pupils and staff.