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Communicating with our families. 

This weeks news/Email of the week.

To enable those lovely conversations with your child about the time they spend with us, we send out a weekly email. The email has photographs and supporting text showing you some of the experiences and activities that your child may have have had the opportunity to take part in during their week with us, we know it can be tricky to always find out from your child how they have been spending their time whilst in a setting away from home, the photographs will help support the children recall their day. We hope you enjoy! 



At the beginning of every half term Alphabet Playgroup sends out a newsletter to all the parents/carers of the children attending the group. These newsletters contain lots of really important information so you should ensure  you read them carefully. Please do come and ask questions if you are unsure about any of the content of the newsletter. The newsletter gives up to date information on the forthcoming half term and also contain important dates for your diaries and other information on the playgroup.

Alphabet is trying to be as eco-friendly as possible so newsletters will be emailed to parents/carers a paper copy will be printed and kept at playgroup.