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School Council for 2017- 2018

We are the School Council Representatives for 2017-2018. We were elected by our year groups at the beginning of the year. We had to write and then read out our manifestos, then each year group voted for the best person for the job!

Each week we meet with Mrs Jarvis to discuss how to improve our school and to share ideas and suggestions that we have collected from our class council meetings. To make sure our  meetings run well we have a Chair Person, Vice Chair Person, Secretary and Treasurer.

This year we are hoping to organise a fund raising event to raise money to improve our school. We will be in charge of the funds raised and will use the money to help make our school even better!

We all love being on School Council because we want to make our school the best it can be!

Don't forget to use our School Council suggestion box or speak to your representative if you have any good ideas!

Let's meet the School Council!

Dosbarth 1
Jessica Bearcroft
Charlie Slade
Dosbarth 2
Rhys McNab
Nia Williams
Dosbarth 3
Cory Mae
Poppy Morgan
Dosbarth 4
Tasmin Williams
Harry Elliot
Dosbarth 5
Mia Peacock
Joseph Davies
Dosbarth 6
Daisy Unsted
Corey Waldron