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Recent Governors reports to parents

Please clink on the links below to access the appropriate information.

The Governing Body's Annual Report 2016 - 2017 and accompanying letter can be accessed directly below:

File icon: pdf FP 2017 [pdf 93KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf KS2 2017 [pdf 92KB] Click to download
File icon: doc 2016-17 GB Annual Report [doc 237KB] Click to download
File icon: doc Governors letter to parents [doc 492KB] Click to download

The Governor Wales website provides access to a wide range of information including : The Governors Handbook, the Governors Guide to the law, fact files (providing a snap shot of various roles / issues, and publications issued by the All Wales Centre for Governor Training and Research.

Link: Governor Wales website

For an overview of the role of the Monmouthshire association of School Governors, please visit:

Link: Monmouthshire ASsociation of School Governors.

For information concerning the role of the the SE Wales Educational Service, EAS, please visit:

Link: AS Consortium website

For information concerning the latest Welsh Assembly Government guidance and issues please visit:

Link: Welsh Assembly Government link

Please try the link below to view useful information about your school and others in Wales:

Link: Schools in Wales

Please refer to this document for a Report on Key Characteristics of Outstanding Governing Bodies

File icon: pdf Cadwyn_Issue_31 [pdf 1MB] Click to download