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Wednesday 22nd January

This week we have continued learing about natural Welsh features. This week we looked at rivers and mountains and ordered them according to length and height. We have also been learning about light and have been on a light source hunt around the school! How many light sources can you find in your house?

In literacy we have been planning our own versions of 'The Lion and the Mouse' and next week we will begin writing them!

In Year 1 maths we have been using money to make totals to 20p. You can practise this at home by looking at coins and adding them to make teh right amount. You can even try making totals over 20p if you want a challenge!

In year 2 maths we have have also been using money. We have been giving chamge from £1 which can be quite tricky! However practise makes perfect so if you get chance to practise using money over the weekend please do!

We LOVE to see any work you are doing at home. If your child wants to practise their numbers, writing, sums etc at home please do send in their work... we have a special file to keep it in and they can earn dojo points for working hard at home!

Please remember tomorrow is our Welsh immersion day so come dressed in something 'Welsh'. 

Can we please also remind you to send reading books back each week otherwise a new book cannot be sent home! 

As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to come and see one of us :)

Many thanks, 

Mrs Summers, Mrs Channing and Mrs Reid