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            Friday 4th October

Another amazing week,  the children are working so hard!

We have continued with Oliver's Vegetables for our Literacy work. This week we have planned and written our own stories, but have changed a few things! Perhaps your children could tell you what they changed.

Year 1 children this week, have been subtracting from 10. Some children have used their fingers and others have used cubes.

Year 2 children have focused on halving and doubling, using impressed with their capability.

They have also had an enjoyable learning experience, with a visit from the Dementia Awareness Team. I'm sure they will tell you all about it.

We have also collected information and voted for our favourite fruit or vegetable. We put all the information onto a tally chart. Some children then drew tally charts of their own, using information they obtained from their friends. 

We are still finding out about Autumn and have produced observational drawings.

The childen have been learning about the life cycle of a plant, they've drawn  pictures and planted seeds.

We look forward to another inspirational week ahead.

Have a great weekend, if you're out on an Autumn walk and find Autumnal objects please send them into school.

Mrs Channing and Mrs Reid