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Year 1/2

Year 1/2 RM Learning Log 

19th July 2019

Well, it's finally the last day of term.  Thank you so much for entrusting your wonderful children into my care.  They are a credit to you and have been such a pleasure to teach.  I will miss the Year 2s lots but they are so ready for their next chapter.  Thank you for all your kind gifts, card and words, they are so thoughtful and very much appreciated by us all.  

I hope you have the most wonderful summer holidays.  If you are looking for a summer project the Library are running a fantastic reading programme.  We have also been talking about the importance of reducing the amount of plastic we use, so any work towards this, perhaps a plastic pick, researching altenatives to plastic and making a leaflet etc would be incredible.

All that's left to say is thank you so much for your support.

Have a wonderful summer.

Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Martin and Miss. Winstone.   


Important dates: 

18th July- GlastUndy

19th July- Last day: Non-uniform



These are some things you could do any time at home to help you learn....

Read your school book and anything else which interests you regularly!

Practise writing... You could write shopping lists, invitations, letters or even a diary so you can remember all the fun things you do on the weekends!

Practise spelling any words you find tricky and also red words...

Practice writing your numbers, counting, adding and subtracting. We will be checking these each week in our Beat That Test on a Thursday morning. Please help your child learn them so they can quickly recall the answer. 


File icon: docx Red Words 2 [docx 13KB] Click to download