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Year 1/2

Year 1/2 RM Learning Log 

18th January 2019.

This week we have enjoyed adding and taking away 3 digit numbers in Year 2 and adding different numbers to 10 in Year 1.  We have also been thinking about estimating and what having a sensible guess means using things we already know.  For example, if I know there are 10 pens in that pot then a sensible guess for how many pens in the other pot might be 15. 

We loved our scavenger hunt in Forest School and developed some very accurate estimations for the piles of leaves, sticks and stones we collected.  Someone was just 7 sticks away from being completely right.

We have continued our Oes mae...da fi? practice in Welsh and asked all our friends if they had afals, caws, mefus and bananas for our Welsh picnic.  We have also enjoyed reading some Welsh books to each other, we are getting more confident everytime we do it.  

We have also begun to think plan and develop our ideas for our topic: World of Wonder in more detail.  The children have amazing ideas and we can't wait to put their ideas into action.  It's going to be a busy term.

In P.E we have started to think about how we can control our body movements and improve our balance whilst travelling.  We have been working on tuck jumps, stretching, star jumps and hopping.  

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Martin and Miss. Winstone.

Important dates: 

Friday 22nd February-inset day

These are some things you could do any time at home to help you learn....

Read your school book and anything else which interests you regularly!

Practise writing... You could write shopping lists, invitations, letters or even a diary so you can remember all the fun things you do on the weekends!

Practise spelling any words you find tricky and also red words...

Practice writing your numbers, counting, adding and subtracting. We will be checking these each week in our Beat That Test on a Thursday morning. Please help your child learn them so they can quickly recall the answer.