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Year 1 CJ

Blwyddyn Un.                                                                 Mrs Jenkins.                  Thursday 4th July. 2019

Well done to everyone that participated at sports day on Monday, I heard it was a great success and I was sorry to have missed such a fantastic day!

Another busy week we have had in Year 1.

In literacy this week we have been creating character profiles based on our favourite characrters from the story 'Sidewalk Circus.' We have been planning and writing characters descriptions - thinking about appearance, personality, hobbies, likes & dislikes. We have tried to include lots of interesting adjectives in our descriptions.

Your children have been super stars over the past week and have been trying their best at completing maths assessments. I have been really impressed by how much everyone in the class has progressed. However, it appears that despite showing progression, subtracting still requires some more work. This will be a big focus over the next two weeks!

In our focused tasks we have learnt about Sikhism. The children were thouroughly excited as they experienced authentic learning. To enter the classroom the children had to remove their shoes and kneel on a cushion while listening to Punjabi music. Throughout the lesson the girls were reffered to as Kaur, meaning Princess and the boys Singh, meaning Lion. The Children made langar bread and worked in teams to create information posters. 



From next week, we will no longer be sending reading books home. Please can your child bring in a strong carrier bag to take all their bits and bobs home in at the end of term. The sooner these can be brought in the better. Thank you.

Any questions feel free to come and see me  :)  Mrs Jenkins.


These are some things you could do any time at home to help you learn....

Read your school book and anything else which interests you regularly!

Practise writing... You could write shopping lists, invitations, letters or even a diary so you can remember all the fun things you do on the weekends! Encourage your child to use capital letters and full stops. We have been using adjectives in our writing this term, so encourage your child to use describing words through spoken and written langauge.

Practise spelling any words you find tricky and also red words...

Practice writing your numbers, counting, adding and subtracting. Encourage your child to look at the prices of items in the shops. Can they work out how much change they would recieve from 50p or £1?