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Thursday 14th March, 2019.

What a wonderful week we have had!


This week we have been working on a new Welsh language pattern: Beth wyt ti'n hoffi? and 'Beth dwyt ti'n ddim yn hoffi?  I wonder if the children could explain what it means and how they answer it.   We have been continuing to enjoy our Welsh Guided Reading books and are becoming more confident to ask and answer questions about the story.

In PE we have decided to learn the skills of a new sport from a different country every two weeks. We are now onto our fourth sport! We looked at 'Basketball' previously and have now moved on to Colombia's famous 'Zumba'!

In our Forest school sessions we are now moving on to make instruments out of natural or left over resources in school or at home, the children have come up with some amazing, original ideas! I can not wait to see the finished products over the next few weeks.

The children all looked incredible in their World Book Day outfits and have taken part in different activities that foster their love of reading, such as creating a front cover for their Tell Me a Dragon story and hearing real authors advice about how to create interesting characters.  

Children were very excited to be singing in the Eisteddfod last week, performing as a class. Some of our fantastic class even one prizes for their fabulous art and poetry entries, judged by Mr. Gunn. Da iawn!! 

The children had a fabulous immersion day on Monday.  Children came dressed up in clothes that were linked to/represent a country of their choice and every one of them looked fantastic.  All of the children were engaging in different activities throughout the day to develop their knowledge of different countries around the world. It was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who kindly donated various cakes and pastries from around the world, the children thoroughly enjoyed our taster session!!


Have a wonderful weekend.

As always, any questions feel free to pop and see me :) 


These are some things you could do any time at home to help you learn....

Read your school book and anything else which interests you regularly!

Practise writing... You could write shopping lists, invitations, letters or even a diary so you can remember all the fun things you do on the weekends!

Practise spelling any words you find tricky and also red words...

Practice writing your numbers, counting, adding and subtracting. Number formation has been our focus this week to ensure the children are forming them correctly, any extra practice on this would be brilliant!