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Blwyddyn 1 Learning Log - 20th September 2019


This week we have been thinking about how we grow.  When we first talked about our new theme, Onwards and UPwards, lots of us talked about people and growing up.  This week, we each drew pictures to show what we already know about how we grow.  Lots of us know that healthy foods help us to grow.  

We have also been sorting some objects that people may use at different times in their life.  We talked about how we could sort them and we worked together to give our reasons.  Most of us sorted them into things for babies, children and adults.  There were some objects that could fit in more than one category, so we talked about that too.  The children used fantastic vocabulary when talking about these objects.  

For our literacy this week, we have continued our work on the story 'Once Upon an Ordinary School Day'.  We talked about our first day in Year 1 and we felt coming to school that morning.  We wrote a short piece about it, describing ourselves as the main character.  We tried very hard to remember to use full stops to end each sentence.  


In Forest School, we discussed measuring and why it might be important to measure the length of something accurately.  We practised using our feet to measure things that we found in the forest.  We found that some people could fit more footprints in than others and we tried to explain why.  You may wish to continue this with objects that you find at home.  

In Maths, we have been adding two numbers together.  Some of us used objects to help us, some of us used our fingers!  You may wish to practise adding some things at home too.

We also thought about ordinal numbers and we tried to use the language of 1st, 2nd, ... all the way up to 20th.  We tried to find, for example, the 16th piece of wood by guessing first then counting to check.


We have started to set up our shop in our courtyard area this week.  We have helped by putting prices on items and sorting out the money for the till.  If you have any items that we may use for our shop, then we would be very grateful for them.  For example, empty shampoo bottles, empty cereal boxes, tins that you are not likely to use (preferably with the older type of top that needs a tin opener to open it, not the ring pull).


Your child will be bringing home their design sheet for a Christmas card, which has been organised by FOUPs.  Please follow the guidelines on the sheet.  Please return the design, stuck into the sheet with cash/ cheque to class by next Friday (27th September).   Please do not send them to the main office as they may get mixed up with others.


Many Thanks, 

Mrs Merrett, Mrs Hall and Mrs King