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Blwyddyn 1 Learning Log - Week 4

This week we have really enjoyed focusing on the story Oliver's Vegetables for our literacy.  We listened well to the story and lots of us tried some of the vegetables.  We ordered pictures from the story and we wrote sentences about it. We are trying very hard to remember to end each sentence with a full stop.  We used some of the vegetables from the story to make our own vegetable soup. 

In Maths we have been adding on from 5.  We have tried to count on from 5 to make it easier and quicker.  Some of us used our fingers, some of us used Numicon.   We wrote down the calculation using + and = symbools.

In Forest School, we read the story 'Stick Man' and we talked about the different seasons shown in the book.  We then explored the forest looking for signs of Autumn.  We used the iPad to take photographs.  What do you think of our photography skills?

As part of our theme Onwards and UPwards, we have continued to talk about how we grow.  Some of us used books and iPads to find out more information.  This has linked in nicely with our literacy text and we have talked about eating healthy foods.  Next week, we will move on to explore how plants grow.  This was suggested by the children when we first talked about the new theme.  They had lots of fantastic ideas!

Many thanks for the items that you sent in for our Shop.  We have now re-named it 'Farchnad Gwndy' which is Welsh for Undy Market.  We have real coins in our till - 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins, which we are trying to use to pay for items.  You may wish to count out some of these coins at home over the weekend.  

Someone will be bringing home Dylan, our class dragon, today.  We hope that it will encourage you and your child to try out some Welsh language over the weekend.  We are not expecting anyone to write paragraphs in Welsh, but maybe your child could try to write a few key words that they know.  Google translate can be a handy tool for checking spellings (I know, I took Dylan home last weekend!)

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mrs Merrett, Mrs Hall and Mrs King