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Friday 4th October 2019

Wow, we have had such an enjoyable, busy week in Year 1.  We have continued with Oliver's Vegetables for our literacy work.  This week we planned and wrote our own stories, based on Oliver's Vegetables.  Most of us changed one or two things about the story, e.g. we thought of a different character or different vegetables.  We all worked so hard on our writing.  

In Maths we have worked on taking away/ subtracting from up to 10 objects.  Lots of us used gems.  We counted out the correct number and then we slid some away.  We counted how many were left and we wrote the answer in our maths books.  Some of us used our fingers instead of gems.  You might like to try some taking away at home, using any objects of your choice.  I would love to see any taking away that you do at home.


We also talked about collecting information and we voted for our favourite vegetable.  We chose three vegetables from the story Oliver's Vegetables and then we voted for our favourite.  We were very good at noticing which vegetable was the most and least favourite.  Ask you child about this, I am sure they will be able to tell you.  We worked together to put our information into a tally chart on the board.  Some children then drew tally charts of their own and asked their friends about their favourite fruit or vegetables.   What amazing, independent children we have in Year 1!

For our theme, Onwards and UPwards, we have talked about plants and how they grow.  We looked at a range of seeds, seedlings and plants and we looked in books.  We drew pictures to show what we knew about plants.  Lots of us know that plants need soil, light and water.  Some of us planted seeds and re-planted seedlings into bigger pots.  We are great gardeners. We also used our amazing observational skills to paint flowers, we have lots of incredible artists in our class.

We were lucky enough to have a delivery of two pumpkins from Beth and her Mum, which they have grown in a local allotment next to theirs.  Ask your child what was different about the 2 pumpkins!!  We had been talking about Autumn and painting some Autumn pictures already, so these pumpkins were perfect for us to look at.  We were amazed at the size of one of them!  Lots of us chose to draw or paint a picture of them.  Some wanted to find out more about pumpkins, so we used iPads to see what else we could learn.  I wonder what we could do with the pumpkins next.

Diolch to Beth and her Mum, we really appreciate your delivery.  

Next week we will be...

  • raising awareness of 'World Mental Health Day' on Thursday 10th October, by wearing something yellow and taking part in some activities. As suggested in the email from school, a donation of £1 would be gratefully received, to support the YoungMinds charity.
  • thinking about other things that go up.  Some children suggested helicopters and birds when we first talked about Onwards and UPwards.  I wonder what they will want to find out about now...