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Friday 8th November

Welcome back to the incredibly exciting last half term before Christmas!

We have been very busy this week.  We talked about poppies in readiness for Remembrance Day next week.  We were very thoughtful and respectful when talking about the soldiers and the War.  We thought of lots of words associated with Remembrance and we typed them into the Chromebooks to create a piece of Word Art.  Our words were then presented in the shape of a poppy or a heart.  We used some of these words when writing our acrostic Remembrance poems in our groups.  We spent some time looking at a variety of poems at the beginning of the week.  We identified some features of poems and then used labels to find the feeatures in the poems we shared with our group.  When we wrote our own group poems, we tried to remember to include all of the features we had talked about.

We also spent time learning about Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder Plot.  We listened well to the story and we were able to re-write it in our books.  Lots of us talked about the fireworks we had seen and we created some lovely firework pictures.  We hope you like them.  We also talked about how to keep safe when watching firework.  

We searched for shapes during our Forest School session this week.  We were very good at identifying regular 2D shapes, especially circles, triangles, squares and rectangles.  We talked about the number of sides different shapes have and how we can use different items to make shapes.  We found lots of natural materials and we used them to make some shapes. We continued to explore shapes in our classroom using geoboards with elastic bands, play dough, masking tape, blocks and lollipop sticks. 

In our Maths sessions we have been using the language of early multiplication by making 'groups of' or 'lots of' dotty cards.  e.g. 3 lots of 4.  Children had to find the 4 dotty card and then make 3 lots of them.  It was quite tricky!

We have also started to talk about our Christmas Concert (sorry!) We were very excited to listen to some of the songs.  Please remember to come and see us if you are struggling to get a costume for your child.

Children in Need is next Friday (15th November)  You should receive an email or letter about this very soon.  Children are invited to come into school wearing spotty clothes with a suggested donation of £1.  There will also be some activities running such as 'Guess the number of sweets in the jar' for 50p a go and a Duck Race.