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Blywddyn 1 Learning Log - 13/09/19

We have had another wonderful week in year 1.  We have such kind, caring children in our class.

This week, we have been going to our Read, Write Inc phonics groups.  We have also started our new Literacy work.  All children are in the classroom together for Literacy, unlike the grouped Read, Write Inc sessions.  This week we read the story, 'Once Upon an Ordinary School Day', by Colin McNaughton and Satoshi Kitamura.  We used the story to talk about characters and emotions. We also tried to answer some true or false questions about the story.  For our writing, we focused on using capital letters and full stops in our sentences. 

In Maths we have been  reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20.  We have been counting up to 20 objects carefully. We have also revised different ways of making 5.  Some of us wrote the sums out with mathematical symbols too. 

We really enjoyed our first Forest School session together.  Thank you for remembering to send in wellies and a change of clothes.  This week, we spent some time looking and listening carefully in the forest.  We talked about how we can help the animals/ creatures and plants.  We thought of our own 'Forest School Rules' and we sealed them with a muddy finger print.  

We spent some time thinking about what we like about ourselves.  We each wrote a sentence for our 'Best Part of Me' display in our classroom.  We had lots of great ideas including, 'The best part of me is my brain because it helps me think.'  'The best part of me is my voice because it makes me sing beautifully.' These are going to look amazing when they are all up on display.


We had an exciting Immersion Day today.  Thanks you so much for your efforts with costumes/ dressing up.  It always makes these days more fun-filled.  We looked at a short video clip of rockets in our class and we talked about rockets going into space.  Some of us painted pictures of rockets, others used blocks and loose parts to create a model of a rocket.  We were lucky enough to have a visit from a local farmer with his calves.  Thank you so much to Mr and Mrs Williams for bringing 'Butterfly' and 'Belle' in to see us.  Thank you for telling us about your job as a farmer and for answering our questions.