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Year 2 RM Learning Log

  Year 2 RM Learning Log 


What a very strange week! 

Unfortunately, (terrible timing) we are experiencing problems with ParentMail so some of our emails relating to home learning have not yet been published.  Hopefully this is another way to reach lots of people with key information.


Undy will be closed from Friday to pupils until further notice.  Our priority is to ensure that children still have access to teaching and learning materials, resources and activities.  To enable this, school have released a list of websites, specifically chosen because of the quality learning materials, for children to use.  I highly reccommend Oxford Owl, if you sign up as a parent (this is free to do) you will have access to their e-library ( as well as many other literacy resources), selecting your child's age group will provide an abundance of appropriate reading materials.  Reading is one of (if not the) most important things to continue to do daily.  I also highly reccommend Top Marks for Maths again, there are copious maths activities that range from place value to rounding and procedural maths.  


Hwb and Google classroom log in details have been sent out and both of these platforms have fantastic resources and activities.  J2E on Hwb have a wealth of curriculum resources for example, J2Data provides opportunites for data collection and analysis.  Hwb also provide a free Office 365 programme.  I have set activities on Google Classroom linked to our mini-topic Space.  I can't wait to see the children's response to this and will be available on Google Hangouts to go through any difficulties and chat to the children (who I am already missing dreadfully).  Google Sheets is another way to collect data and make different charts.  


Children have also been sent home with a pack which includes: 2 books, a pencil and their Space project web.  As well as different activities that I listed on a previous email home, including: writing a shopping list, writing a letter to a friend or family member, make a list of connectives and sentence starters, use them in a story, work on using expressive punctuation (!, ? ...).  Important maths activities to keep on top of are: reading, writing and ordering numbers to 100, adding and take away, times tables (2, 3, 4, 5 and 10), simple division (sharing, drawing it out-the children know!), time (o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past), remembering odd and even numbers, 10 more and 10 less.  Anything you do, take a picture and share it with us via Twitter,(@UndySchool) it would be lovely to keep up with all the children are doing.  


Activities will be added to and I will be available to communicate with on 

Finally, I have attached a letter for the children, (at the bottome of the page) which I would be very grateful if you could read with/to them.  Whilst their academic attainment is important, my first priority is always their well-being, particularly in these tricky times.


Take care all,

Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Martin, Miss Kimber and Mrs. Ware 

These are some things you could do any time at home to help you learn....

Read your school book and anything else which interests you regularly!

Practise writing... You could write shopping lists, invitations, letters or even a diary so you can remember all the fun things you do on the weekends!

Practise spelling any words you find tricky and also red words...


File icon: docx Red Words 2 [docx 13KB] Click to download
File icon: doc Message to our children - Copy [doc 491KB] Click to download