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Croeso i Blwyddyn 2

Friday 15th February

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday. We hope you liked your cards. The activity was a suggestion from the children to show friends and family how much we care.

In Welsh we have been describing the different seasons including using the Welsh sentence stems we have learnt this term. 

In maths we have been finding change from £1 and £2. Children have drawn number lines to help support their calculations and have practised writing amounts using pound and pence notation. We have also investigated place value; knowing the difference between numbers with the same digits e.g. 149 and 941. We have continued learning about charts and have used a computer program to create pictograms alongside answering questions from looking at charts and tables.

In 'My Time' children have practised the Welsh outlined above. They have also written about our visit from an environmental scientist on Monday. Children were thorughly engaged in finding out about animals and plants and how they are affected by the seasons. We ran out of time to visit Forest School however we were able to explore the outdoors closer to our classroom to look for signs of winter and spring. Following her visit we wrote an email saying how we felt about the workshop and were thrilled to be able to read her reply together. She described our class as 'A joy!'.

Our focued tasks included using our storymaps from last week to write our own versions of 'The whale and the snail'. Every child worked really hard to write a story to the best of their ability and all children either innovated a change or made quite a few chnages to invent their own stories. Quite a few children found that they had written so much that their 'hand hurt!' We are very proud of how hard all of the children worked during this activity.

We hope you received your letter about our visit to Magor Marsh next term. You can contribute and give your permission via Parentpay.


Have a restful weekend.

Mrs Corfield & Mrs Reed