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During Yr4 the following language patterns are introduced

Also added are:-
‘tipyn bach’                                                             ‘a little bit’
‘ych a fi’                                                                  ‘yuck!’
‘yn fawr iawn’                                                          ‘very much so’
‘mawredd mawr’                                                       ‘goodness gracious’
‘dyna hardd’                                                             ‘how beautiful’
Added to ‘Ga i….?’
Ga i ddod i mewn?                                                    May I come in?
Added to ‘time’
Faint o’r gloch mae….?                                              What time is…..?
‘hanner awr wedi’                                                      half past     
Amser cinio                                                              dinner time
Amser chwarae                                                        play time
Amser mynd adre’                                                    home time
‘Hoffi’ concept enhanced with –
Dw i'n dwlu ar ‘                                                         I love
‘ mae’n gas ‘da fi’/’Dw i'n cásau’                                 I hate
Vocabulary etc. for pets are delivered