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In year 6 all the language patterns and vocabulary are consolidated and children are encouraged to extend their sentences and give more varied detailed reasons. When confident the children move on to "Future" tense and increase their vocabulary.

Future tense

Ble hoffet ti fynd?                              Where would you like to go?

Hoffwn i fynd i...........                           I would like to go to .............

Beth hoffet ti weld?                            What would you like to see?

Hoffwn i weld.......                                 I would like to see.......

Beth hoffet ti fwyta?                          What would you like to eat?

Hoffwn i fwyta........                              I would like to eat...........

Details below will help to make your work "bendigedig".

Days of the week

Dydd Llun                                              Monday

Dydd Mawrth                                        Tuesday

Dydd Mercher                                       Wednesday

Dydd Iau                                                Thursday

Dydd Gwener                                          Friday

Dydd Sadwrn                                          Saturday

Dydd Sul                                                 Sunday

Months of the year

Ionawr                                                    January

Chwefror                                                 February

Mawrth                                                    March

Ebrill                                                       April

Mai                                                          May

Mehfin                                                    June

Gorfennaf                                               July

Awst                                                       August

Medi                                                       September

Hydref                                                    October

Tachwedd                                               November

Rhagfyr                                                  December