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Forest School

We are very lucky at Undy Primary School to have a fantastic Forest School area in our school grounds complete with a log cabin classroom. All classes have the opportunity to work outside and use our outdoor classroom and some classes participate in a sequence of lessons with a  trained Forest School Leader to use tools and make a fires.

During Forest School sessions all pupils get the chance to explore, investigate and get very muddy! We go out in all weathers to hunt for bugs, make sculptures and art, build dens, work with others and most importantly have lots of fun!

Forest school sessions aim to give pupils a holistic learning experience; as well as learning new transferable skills, pupils will be developing their self esteem, teamwork skills and their learning will be child-centred. Sessions will run with three adults. This high ratio of adults: pupils allows time for purposeful interactions with staff and peers. Pupils will be able to take part in outdoor activities safely, will have time to explore a stimulating environment and to pursue their own interests.

Forest School sessions provide our pupils with a wealth of opportunity to develop literacy and numeracy skills in purposeful, meaningful, real-life situations.

We have enjoyed...

* Creating posters to show others how to site, light and manage a fire safely

* Collecting data and information to create tables and lists to show which animals, plants and trees live in our Forest School environment

* Creating stories about the adventures we have had in Forest School

* Measuring and weighing the exciting things we have found during scavenger hunts

If we are very lucky we sometimes even have a visit from the Forest School Fairies who live in the woods! They will sometimes leave us special messages and challenges... these sessions are always our favourites!