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The children:

  • learn to write the letters/letter groups which represent the 44 sounds.
  • They learn to hand-write using simple cues and ‘sound-write’ in rhythms. learn to
    write words by saying the sounds and graphemes.
  • Children sound out each syllable in Fred Talk as they touch their ‘Fred fingers’.
    (They also learn to write ‘red words’ from memory.) As their phonic knowledge
    increases, they make grapheme choices from the Speed sound poster.
  • write simple sentences.
    Children learn to ‘hold a sentence’ in their head before writing it down. These
    sentences include words we know the children can sound out. They learn to
    compose ‘build-it’ sentences, orally, using new vocabulary.
  • compose stories based on picture strips.
  • We help children compose sentences before they write using illustrations from the
  • compose a range of texts using discussion prompts.
    We provide the teacher with discussion prompts to develop a wide range of writing.