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Year 3 Mrs Jarvis

Wednesday 14th February


Homework: 14.2.18

Your homework this week is to produce a poster about Wales to display in the hall for our Eisteddfod on Thursday 1st March. These can be A4 or A3 size.  Please bring your posters into school the week after half term.

Year 3/4 team.




Here are some helpful activities which can help with your child's learning at home:

  • Times tables - 2,5,10,3,6,4,8,7,9,11,12
  • Telling the time - analogue and digital
  • Addition and subtraction of 1,2,3 digit numbers - using number lines and vertical stacking
  • VCOP sentence building activities (downloadable mat can be found in the "Helpful Home Resources" section of the website)
  • Reading - at least 3 times a week. Please remember to bring your book to school on your reading day!

All children will be sent home with either Maths or Literacy homework. This will be sent home on a Wednesday. This should be completed weekly and returned by the following Tuesday so it can be checked before new homework is set. Please could the children show their working out on the sheet.

Thank you.