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Year 4 SE Learning Log

 Wednesday 20th June 


Your homework for over the next few weeks is to produce a piece of work ,for example, project, poster, PowerPoint about ‘The World Cup’ or a country represented within the 'World Cup'.  Please bring these into school to share with your class for the week beginning 25th June.

Many Thanks Year 3 & 4.


Our new topic after half term will be, 'The World Cup'.  You are welcome to bring into school, after half term, any research or artefacts you may have about it.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a happy and relaxing half term holiday. 


Here are some helpful activities which can help with your child's learning at home:

  • Times tables - 2,5,10,3,6,4,8,7,9,11,12.
  • Addition and subtraction skills 
  • Grid multiplication (see link to maths tutorials below for grid method)
  • Telling the time on analogue and digital clocks
  • VCOP sentence building activities (downloadable mat can be found in the "Helpful Home Resources" section of the website)
  • Reading - at least three times a week. Please remember to bring your book to school on your reading day!

All children will be sent home with either Maths or Literacy homework. This will be sent home on a Wednesday. This should be completed weekly and returned by the following Tuesday so it can be checked before new homework is set. Please could the children show their working out on the sheet.

Thank you.







At the start of the Autumn term the children were tested on their spellings. The results from these tests have been analysed and a spelling list in letter patterns has been sent home with your child. Please encourage your child to learn their spellings at home. Your child will also be learning these spellings in school and will have a test with their partner every Friday. They will then be given more spellings if necessary.

You may find that your child is already able to spell some of the words in their list. If this is the case they should just highlight it to show they don't need to learn it. It is up to your child to tell the teacher if they need new spellings as children will learn at different rates.


Your child will take part in a guided reading session with Mrs Attree, once a week. Your child will also be working on specific reading comprehension skills with Mr Edwards, once a week.

Your child will also be sent home with a suitable reading book every week. All of the children have been given a book change day and must change this book every week.

Mental Maths Quiz

Every Friday children will take part in a mental maths quiz, which will focus on the number skills of that particular week. 

File icon: pdf T2-E-012-Adjective-Word-Mat [pdf 1002KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf T-L-4647-Fronted-Adverbials-Word-Mat [pdf 668KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf T-L-765-Verb-Word-Mat [pdf 995KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf T-L-764-Adverb-Word-Mat [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: doc welcome to year 4 SE Aut 16 [doc 2MB] Click to download