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Welcome to Undy Primary Nursery 2018-19

We are very lucky to have lots of space in our Nursery! 

We love playing inside and outside with our friends.  We learn to become independent in lots of ways during our time in Nursery. 

Our Nursery Team

Mrs J Gribble

Nursery Teacher

Miss J Coles

Teaching Assistant

Miss G Morrison

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Channing

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Channing will usually cover Mrs Gribble on a Friday afternoon

Our Charter

Every class in Undy Primary School makes their own Class Charter each year as part of the 'Rights Respecting School.'  We have our own Charter in Nursery, which is  currently waiting for lots of new handprints!  We will talk about the rights that all children have and then  think about which ones are important to us. 

Naturally, the right to play is a very important right for 3 and 4 year olds.  We will talk about how to play nicely with others.  We will add our handprints to the Charter to show that we agree to try our best.