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Week 2


Home Learning:

Good morning and welcome to our Home Learning page.

A home learning session may look like this:



10 minutes

Time to talk/loosely plan your day/what would you like to do

15 minutes

Focused task (Choose 1 area):

Personal and Social Development/Literacy/ Numeracy/Welsh/ Knowledge and Understanding of the World/Creative/ Physical

1 hour

Free play

Support your child when an opportunity arises to teach a next step.  E.G. a child is drawing a picture but is finding it tricky to control a pencil because they are holding it too high, the next step to teach them would be to hold the pencil lower down to gain more control.

There will be lots of opportunities to support your child, but don’t feel the urge to interrupt their play constantly. Remember intervention when appropriate not interruption.

10 – 30 minutes

Snack time

The children love to make and eat what they cook in Nursery.  You could use this time to bake/make toast/milkshakes together.  The children are becoming quite independent, spreading butter with knives, chopping their own fruit, pouring their own drinks, under close supervision.

10 minutes

Story time/singing nursery rhymes







The above timetable is very approximate and is just a suggestion. 

Hopefully you will have found out what works and what doesn’t by now.  Do what suits you and your child, especially if you are having to work at home too!  

We are all trying our best during a tricky time.


Week 2

Most of you are now on our closed Facebook page.  It’s a great way of staying in touch by sharing some of the lovely things you have been up to as well as to share useful ideas/websites with each other.  If you haven’t joined us yet, please find us on Undy Primary – Nursery Home Learning Group. We have already held two story time sessions via Zoom. Please sign in/join our closed FBook group to obtain the sign-in code.  It has been a great way to see each other!


We have been teaching a sound a week, since September.  The children have learnt m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b and f.  This week we would have been concentrating on 'e'. See Ruth Miskin’s (Read Write Inc) website for ideas to teach sounds to your children:


Oxford Owl has lots of really good resources too:


The children are also getting very good at orally blending sounds together to make some words.  E.G. m-a-t makes mat. The adult says the sounds and your child will have a go at putting them together to make a word (if they are ready for this stage).


Another good  free app is Duolingo which will help you to learn Welsh.  Why not give it a go:


In Nursery we are learning the basics such as please and thank you, greetings, how to express needs and wants, as well as counting, recognising colours.  



Focussed Task (FT)

PE: I hope you enjoyed the Joe Wicks sessions and that you continue to do them!

This week our focus would have been on Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.  

There are lots of different videos on Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube relating to Easter, perhaps you could do some of these throughout the week.  But I thought We’re Going on a Bear Hunt would be a fun idea. See link for video:


How about we do this at our 11am story time, then you could have a go at the yoga afterwards.



Focussed Task (FT):

Literacy (Reading/Writing) - This week's sound is 'e'.  Say the sound with your child.  Do my turn, your turn so they copy you.  Go on a hunt to find real life items beginning with 'e'.  Have a go at forming the letter in anything you can find. Try writing it in shaving foam, sand, flour, chalks outside, water and paintbrushes on the patio in the garden. Make it fun!  Look at our FBook page. You have come up with some great ideas this week! Keep sharing.

If you can, make a set of sounds that we have covered so far so that you can revise these. Try and blend some sounds together orally as described above.  See Ruth Miskin's Read Write Inc website for lots more support.



Focussed Task (FT):

Numeracy – warm up counting forwards and backwards up to 10.  If your child can do this then extend to 20 forwards and backwards.

This week we will be focussing on recognising and ordering numbers.  Start with recognising and ordering numbers 1-3, extend to 5 if possible, and more if your child is ready.  

As it’s our last week of learning before the Easter holidays, how about going on an egg hunt.  Write numbers on egg shapes cut out of cardboard or whatever you have, and hide them around the house/garden.  Can you put them in order from smallest to largest? Start with a few numbers and extend as appropriate for your child.



Focussed Task (FT):

Creative/Physical/RE/KUW – Find out about Easter time:

  • Share the story of Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  Here’s a nice short and simple version for early years:


Why did people put coats, palm leaves on the floor? Discuss if this story happened now or a long time ago.  Is the story based in Wales or a long way away? How do we know?

  • Why do we have Easter eggs?

  • Sing Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken (with sign language):


and Hot Cross Buns:


  • Make and Easter picture (see Mrs Davies’ idea on FBook), a card or even a bonnet.  Perhaps use an old cereal box for the cardboard.

  • Make Easter nests with shredded wheat or rice crispies and chocolate.


These are just a few ideas you could try.  If you make an Easter bonnet, perhaps we could hold an Easter bonnet parade on our Zoom time next Friday!



Focussed Task (FT):

Literacy (Oracy)/Physical Skills - Chat about what happened over the week.

If your child would like to, they could draw a picture/mark make/take photos to make a weekly diary.  The adult could then annotate the drawing. 


Any activity which builds up and strengthens the muscles in your child’s hand would be good.  For example cutting and sticking, playdough (see Shonette Bason-Wood on Youtube for Dough Disco, a great and fun way to strengthen those little fingers).  Also, kneading dough to make bread, building blocks, picking up smaller loose parts using a pinching action. If your child isn’t interested in picking up a pencil yet, these activities are just as valuable. 


Foundation Phase is all about the stage of learning

your child is at and not their age.


Remember just do what you can and stay safe.  Have a good week everyone. Don't forget to say hello on our Facebook page. I'd love to continue to see what you have been up to.  

Mrs Somersall