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Week 3


As VE Day will be celebrated at the end of this week I thought it would be great to do a little project based around this:


There are lots of fun and exciting activities that you can get involved in such as having your own tea party to celebrate VE Day on Friday 8th May. Here’s a few suggestions:




Here’s some information about VE Day. You could use parts of it to explain simply what VE Day is about:


For Numeracy & Knowledge and Understanding of the World this week you could focus on recognising shapes by making flags. You could make your own or see the link below for templates.  You could find about the colours of the flag in Welsh (red = coch, blue = glas, white = gwyn).  What shapes can you see?



For a Physical Skills and Numeracy how about playing some WW II games:

You could play hopscotch, skipping, hoop on a stick or even Jacks!



For Physical Skills and Language, Literacy and Communication you could have a go at these colourings:



For Creative, Numeracy and lots of other areas of learning, how about following some World War II recipes:


Here’s a link for more recipes:



????????????Celebrate VE Day ????????????


Have a good week and stay safe all