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Friday 15th March

This week we have been talking about 'All Things Spring'.  We looked at photographs of some flowers and trees.  We talked about the colours that we could see.  Lots of us had a go at painting and drawing flowers.  We also talked about animals and we had fun playing in the 'Farm' which Miss Kempson made for us.  We talked about how some animals find food and lots of us had a go at making bird feeders.  They are amazing.  

We made cup cakes at our Baking Station this week.  We are doing so well at reading the list of ingredients and measuring them out carefully.  We decorated them with lots of yummy toppings!  Children had asked for 'oreos', 'smarties' and 'chocolate balls' when we wrote our shopping list last week.  We also made some extra cakes to sell for Comic Relief. We talked about how we can help other people.  

Today we took part in Comic Relief.  We talked about how lucky lots of us are and how our money will help other people.  Thank you very much for your kind donations to this worthy cause.  Also, thank you for buying some of the lovely cakes we have made!

Next Week...

  • We will continue to talk about Spring
  • We will be learning about Shapes and we will be trying to find them in our environment