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Friday 16th November

This week has been 'Friendship Week' in Nursery and School.  We have talked about how to be a good friend; we had lots of good ideas.  Some of us drew and painted pictures of our friends.  

We enjoyed making our own toast for snack this week.  Our independence is definitely improving.

We have had lots of fun playing with our friends.

We enjoyed a PE session outside this week.  We had lots of fun playing with the parachute.

We enjoyed wearing spotty/ Pudsey clothes for Children In Need today.  We emptied our Pudsey money box and we looked at all of the money inside.  We talked about how that money will go to help boys and girls who might not be as lucky as us.  Many thanks for your kind donations. 

We all enjoyed decorating a cake.  We added water to icing sugar and we talked about how it changed.  Then we turned it yellow to match the colour of Pudsey!  We finished our cake decorating by adding a picture of Pudsey or some spotty looking smarties.  I hope they tasted as good as they looked!

You should have all received a letter about our Christmas concert by now.  Please ensure that all costumes are in Nursery by Monday 3rd December.  Please can they be clearly labelled and on a hanger so that we can store them easily.  

You should have received a letter about our Christmas trip today. The letter is attached below should you wish to download it.

Next Week...

We will continue to learn the songs for our Christmas Concert.  We are planning to go to the 'big school' so that we can practise the songs with Reception children.