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Friday 21st September 2018

We have been very busy in nursery this week!  We have had lots of fun playing with our friends.

We have really enjoyed playing in our new shop.  It is going to become a 1p shop soon, so that we can practise counting pennies.  

We have enjoyed Amser Snac (Snack Time) and we have been learning some new Welsh words.  Some of our older friends have been helping our new friends to say 'llaeth' (milk), 'dwr' (water) and 'diolch' (thank you).

We really enjoyed our first PE session in the hall of the 'big school'.  Again our older friends were very helpful with our new friends.  We enjoyed moving around the hall and we were careful not to bump into each other.  We listened very carefully to the instructions and tried our best to follow them.  

We have also made a picture for a Christmas card design.  We used our footprint to make a picture of a penguin.  We hope you like them!

Next Week...

  • We will be having our first Forest School session on Tuesday.  Please remember to send in wellies in a clearly labelled carrier bag.  Also, please ensure that all shoes and wellies have your child's name inside.  
  • We will be helping to set up our 1p shop.  We will be making some signs and price tags.  
  • You are invited to join us for our MacMillan coffee morning/afternoon on Friday.  Please join us from 10:30am if your child attends morning sessions and from 2:00pm if your child attends afternoons.  You will be able to play with your child in nursery, then enjoy some tea/coffee and cake.  We usually provide all of the cakes and tea and coffee, but if you would like to make a donation then we would be very grateful.  Unfortunately we are only able to serve 'shop bought' products and not home made.  We will be collecting cash on the day if you wish to donate to the excellent cause of MacMillan Cancer Support.

Below you will find links to the Nursery Handbook and a recent letter of Autumn dates.  You should already have these, but I have added them just incase you wish to download them