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Friday 28th September 2018

This week we talked about shopping during our Group Time.  We talked about which shops we go to and some of the things we buy when we go shopping.  We also talked about how we pay for things.  We looked at bank cards, notes and coins.  Then we practised counting 1p coins before adding them to our 1p shop.  Lots of us love shopping in Nursery!

For many of us, this was our first visit to Forest School and we really enjoyed it!  We looked at Autumn books during our Group Time and we talked about what we might see on our walk to the forest.  We helped to collect a basket of Autumn goodies to take back up to Nursery.  You may wish to have an Autumn walk of your own at the weekend.  If you collect any items, then we would love to see them next week. 

After our Forest School visit, we looked at some of the things we had collected.  Some of us had a go at making leaf rubbings with wax crayons.  Some of us used watercolour paints to create a picture of our chosen leaf.  We looked carefully at the different colours in the leaves.  These are on display in our Nursery, we hope you like them! 

We enjoyed using some apparatus in PE this week.  We practised walking carefully, climbing, jumping and sliding on our bottoms!  We had lots of fun.  We listened very carefully and we made sure that we kept ourselves safe.  

We have had such a busy week, but we still had lots of time to play with our friends.  

Today we hosted the Macmillan coffee morning and afternoon.  Thank you so much for supporting us with the fundraising of this worthy cause.  We raised a total of £145.31.  We really appreciate your kind donations and we loved seeing so many of you in Nursery.

Next Week...

  • We will be having our photographs taken on Monday or Tuesday.  Please remember to take any younger siblings into the school hall from 8:15 if you wish to have their photograph taken too.  Photographs with siblings who are in school will be taken during your child's Nursery session.