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Friday 8th February

This week we have been finding out about Chinese New Year.  We looked at some clothing and different items that people may use when celebrating Chinese New Year. 

We really enjoyed cooking some noodles.  Lots of us thought they were 'hard' and 'spikey' before we cooked them.  Then afterwards they were 'squishy' and 'yummy'.  Perhaps you might like to ask your child how we cooked them and how long we had to leave them to cook.  Some of us were not sure about trying the chilli and soy sauces after smelling them!!  But most of us loved eating the prawn crackers.  

Some of us enjoyed talking about the snow from last weekend.  We had a look at the book 'Snowballs' by Lois Ehlert.  There were lots of amazing pictures of snowmen made with loose parts.  There was a snow Mum, a snow boy, a snow Dad etc.  We tried to make some of our own!

For PE this week, we tried some Cosmic yoga!  We had lots of fun.

Lots of us came to Nursery wearing something green today. We talked about our wonderful school and Nursery. Some of us planted some seeds and we talked about growing.  Thank you so much for supporting our Green Celebration Day today.

Next Week...

  • We will be talking about LOVE and who is special to us.  We would be very grateful if your child could bring in a photograph of someone they love, or someone who is special to them.  We would like to share them during our Group Time

Please Note that we will no longer be having timetabled sessions for PE or Forest School.  We find that they can often interrupt our weeks and make them seem disjointed.  We will still be developing our physical skills outdoors and responding to music/ stories etc. in Nursery.  We will also continue to explore the ourdoor environment and visit the Forest School area.