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Week 8


Please note this is the last week the learning log will be on this page. 

Log on to your child's Google Classroom account to view future learning logs.


What a lovely way to end our first half term in Nursery with lots of pumpkin themed activities.  The children have settled in really well.  Da iawn bawb!


This week in their group activities, the children have been learning about:

·         Choosing books in Book Club to take home and share with a grown-up.

·         Learning about and recognising the letter sound ‘a’

·         Counting forwards and backwards to 10. Recognising numerals 1, 2 & 3.


Other activities the children have been involved in are:

·         Making magic potions in the mud kitchen.  The children were using lots of physical skills to pour, squirt and mix their potions.

·         Creating ramps to roll conkers down.

·         Taking part in yoga in our PE session.  First the children danced like Ruby Broom and danced like skeletons.  Then they had another try at Cosy Cats and Peace Out Guided Relaxation.

·         Carving pumpkins

·         Mixing potions to make a volcano pumpkin!

·         Making jammy toast

·         Collecting different colour autumn leaves and finding which colour we had the most of.  There were so many yellow leaves!



Thank you for your support with snack/baking payments made on Parentpay.  After half term we will be making chocolate breadstick sparklers to celebrate Bonfire Night!


Just a reminder to send in a family picture for our display board if you haven’t had chance to do so already.  They are coming in slowly!


We really appreciate all of your support over the last half term.  Have a restful break and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 2nd November. 


Thank you for your continued support

The Nursery team