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Pori Drwy Stori 

The aim of this resource is to help raise standards in literacy and numeracy and promote parental engagement, supporting the following Foundation Phase areas of learning: language,  literature and communication skills, including numbers (mathematical development), personal and social development and well-being and cultural diversity.


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Autumn Term

Rhyme Challenge – a set of fun and varied English and Welsh rhymes to learn and enjoy. Schools receive booklets and certificates for children and posters for the classroom.

My Weather Watch Calendar – this is a family activity for the autumn half term break. Recording different types of weather will help children to develop their maths skills in the early years.

Spring Term

Boomerang Book Bags - a set of book bags for children to take turns with at home, including a magazine for each child to keep.
Please send these back on your child's reading day. These books are to share with each other.

Hide and Sheep cards - each child will receive a set of Hide and Sheep cards to take home. There are lots of fun games to play with the cards at home.

These will come home after half term.

Summer term

My Book – a unique high quality resource giving the learners the opportunity to create their own book to keep.