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Croeso i Reception

Welcome to the Autumn term!

Welcome to the Reception Learning Log.

We hope you will find this a useful point of contact.


Week 11


This week has flown by in a flash and we're almost running to keep up with time!


This week we have learnt the sounds 'b' and 'f' and have been practising reading our cvc words as well as making them with magnetic letters and writing them independently using Fred Spelling fingers. We are continuing to practise saying the pure sound without adding 'uh' on the end. For example - p, p, p not puh puh puh. 


Keep practising at home. Remember you can flash them, play matching games or go on a sound hunt around your house to find an object beginning with that sound. Help with writing is also another skill you can help with. Big chalk writing, painting, writing in sand, on paper and lots more if your child wants to. Remember to encourage holding the pencil the correct way. 


In Maths, we have been measurung this week using language such as long and short and taller and shorter. The children have measured each other, measured snakes with cubes and drawn their own. 


We have also been using our senses in our environment. We did blindfolded drawings, went outside to listen with our ears and used our hands to feel different textures. Some of us made a pictogram to see which was the most popular thing we heard. Forest School was amazing, a great authentic learning experience! 



Thank you for returning the books on your designated day for reading. At this point in the school year we are teaching the children how to be independent in bringing their books in, discussing them with an adult and changing them. Please continue to share other stories at home. The more stories children are read, the more it will help them to develop their language skills for creative writing in the future. As your child develops their reading skills we will also send books home for them to read with you. Speak to a member of staff if you have any questions.


 New Information

As the colder weather has now set in, we would really appreciate if you could teach your child to put on their coat and zip it up including putting their sleeves in the correct way. We are going to ask children to change their footwear to wellies whilst using the Reception garden due to the ground being wet and muddy. You are welcome to provide wellies for them to use in school or they can use spare ones we have. (We can't guarantee the correct size) Wet weather will not stop play!  


Many thanks for your continuing support

Reception Team

Mrs Skellorn, Miss Skinner, Miss Coles, Miss Denley,

Mrs Foster, Miss Ryder & Miss Williams