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Visitors from Rwanda

As a school we have been fortunate to be involved in the British Council Connecting Classroom project which builds partnerships between groups of school in the UK and around the world. Three schools in Monmouthshire – Shirenewton, Thornwell and Undy successfully made a bit for a grant to develop partnerships between our schools and three schools in Rwanda.

We were extremely lucky to meet the representatives from the three schools in Rwanda at the end of September. They visited all three schools with ours being the last.

The three people, Patrick, Bernard and Jeanne, were amazed at how wonderful our children are, they loved the school and were very complementary about the teachers, the building and the amount of resources we possess.

Their schools are situated in the Muhanga District – southern province of Rwanda and unlike us they have very little resources and very big schools. Patrick teachers in our partnership school and there are 919 children in their primary section.

Sometime in January I will lucky enough to visit the three schools in Rwanda to see their education system at first hand.