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Year 4 SE Creative Project Day 1

On Wednesday 1st of February our class (year 4 SE) started the first day of our project. To start with we met our creative practitioner (Rhys). He showed us some cool story cubes and told us we would be making some as well, but it would be completely our own ideas that would go on the cubes.

Before we started making our own cubes, we practised telling short stories using Rhys’s cubes. To do this you had to roll the 3 cubes and make up a story just using the pictures. It was really fun!

Before we started making our own cubes we thought of different ideas, designed different pictures and came up with themes for each cube. For example, on one dice you could have natural disasters and on another dice you could have emojis.

To make our cubes, first we got a long piece of wood and cut off 3 cube sized blocks using a saw. We used a clamp to keep everything in place and held the saw in two hands.

Next we sanded down the edges of our cubes to get rid of the rough edges and so that they would roll better. We used glass paper and had to sand going with the grain of the wood otherwise it might leave scratches.

In the afternoon, we made these cool bags for our story cubes to be stored inside. First we had to choose a colour for our bag and then we had to choose what colour thread we wanted to use. I went for contrasting colours. Next, we had to sew together the edges of our bags. It was really tricky to start with but we all persevered and helped each other out.

We all had so much fun today and can’t wait to start using our story cubes to tell our own stories. I can’t wait to see what we’re going to do next for our creative project. I think Mr Edwards mentioned something about Portals……

By Alyssa Robertson and Daniel Abbott