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School Times

School Times


Morning session      9.00 am - 11.30 am
Afternoon session  12:30pm - 3.00 pm

School Starts

Juniors  8.55 am
Infants  8.55 am

Lunch Time

Juniors  12.00 – 1.00 pm
Infants  12.00 – 13.05 pm

School Finishes at 3.15 pm


Morning arrangements


A whistle will be blown at 8.55am. All children then line up with their class teacher. We ask that all parents and carers leave the yard when the whistle is blown. Children will go into school, with their class teachers, through designated doors.


A member of staff is on duty from 8.45am. Parents are not permitted on the junior yard. A whistle is blown at 8.55am and children line up in their classes and then go into school.


Wet mornings:

Juniors come into school through the rear entrance, infants go into their classrooms through their classroom doors.

Pupils are not permitted through the main entrance on wet mornings.



Children have either hot lunches or sandwiches provided by the school canteen (paid for weekly through parent pay) or bring their own packed lunches. The canteen is run by Monmouthshire Catering Services.

School termly dates are available on the Monmouthshire website through the following link.

Link: Monmouthshire termly dates