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Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

All children in Undy have the opportunity to learn about themselves and their relationships with other children and adults through SEAL lessons. 

Concepts of fairness and justice are introduced and children are encouraged to think about respect and the feelings of others. The importance of motivation, perseverance, self esteem and a positive attitude towards learning all have a significant role to play in children’s learning and development.

The SEAL curriculum resource aims to develop the social, emotional skills of learners and promote positive behaviour. 

There are 7 SEAL themes:  

  • New Beginnings (Autumn 1)
  • Getting On and Falling Out (Autumn 2)
  • Say No to Bullying (Anti-Bullying Week – November)
  • Going for Goals (Spring 1)
  • Good to be Me (Spring 2)
  • Relationships (Summer 1)
  • Changes (Summer 2)