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What are we working on as a school this year?

This year we will be working on the following:


  1. To continue to improve reading levels through focused reading activities, to further develop pupil comprehension, inference, deduction and reading skills.
  2. To continue to ensure a consistent approach to writing skills through modelled, guided, shared and independent writing teaching and activities.
  3. To continue to ensure the teaching of spelling is consistent across the school and spelling ages reflect or surpass the age of the pupil.
  4. To increase provision for reading in foundation phase.


  1. To continue to improve standards in maths, particularly at the higher levels, focusing on number and reasoning skills.


  1. To increase provision for ICT and develop its use to enrich learning experiences across the curriculum, with the purchase of laptops and ipads.
  2. Extend and embed the use of Assessment For Learning (AFL) to support the continued growth of an independent learning culture.
  3. To continue to improve standards in Welsh, particularly at the higher levels.
  4. To develop creative provision and skills in KS2 by embarking on the Creative Schools project.
  5. To continue to develop pupil voice through meaningful, focused dialogue marking, peer and self assessment.

If you have any suggestions, in relation to any of our goals, please speak to Mr Gunn or Mrs Willis who will be very happy to listen!